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I have been seeing Jan for the last 8 months. She has worked on many areas for me mainly my PMS and perimenopausal symptoms and over the months she has worked wonders and I no longer have night sweats, my headaches and mood swings are much better and for the first time in as long as I can remember my menstrual cycle is now regular. She also offers great advice on lifestyle and diet to also help combat any problems. Jan is extremely professional with a warm and friendly manner.  She is truly passionate about what she does and I would highly recommend her
Carolyn - Chiswell Green
I first saw Jan for Reflexology in May 2016 after a particularly nasty outbreak of mouth ulcers from my medical condition Behcet's. As a chronic illness it is very difficult to manage as most of the recommended medications are steroid based with major side effects. After 3 sessions seeing Jan the improvement in my energy levels as well as the reduction in mouth ulcers and pain was amazing. The advice Jan gave me to help myself was always well founded and researched. I look forward to our sessions to help me stay on top of my health.
Jess - Welwyn Garden City
A few months ago I suffered with chronic fatigue and periodic migraines. After visiting my GP who did a blood test I was given a Vitamin D supplement, however as time went by my headaches and low energy levels only increased, I was hardly able to work and exercise. I heard from a friend about Jan and reflexology and started to see her regularly every two weeks. The results were outstanding, my energy levels increased to a point that I no longer need to snooze at lunch time and I hardly get any headaches now. I will not forget, one appointment at the early stages of therapy, I couldn't come to see her because of my painful migraine, instead Jan came over to my house and treated me. Within an hour the pain had reduced from a scale of 10 to 4. Jan is very knowledgeable about the body and she can detect any health issues just by working on your feet!
I highly recommend Jan! 
Flo - Chiswell Green
As a busy, working mum, I know that the time I enter Jan's reflexology room is mine - my time to relax, de-stress and revitalise. Jan has a lovely, gentle, caring and friendly manner. I really look forward to my regular reflexology sessions and will definitely keep coming back.
Julie - Park Street
I have been having reflexology with Jan for about 6 months now and it is quite simply brilliant. I initially started going to aid with relaxation but as I had been suffering quite badly with hot flushes bought on with the menopause, Jan suggested that she could specifically target that problem for me and try to bring my body more in balance to reduce them. I had a full consultation with her prior to her starting the treatment so she knew my medical background etc. I have not had a single flush since she began dealing specifically with that problem. I occasionally still get a bit hot but nothing in comparison to the awful state I was getting in prior to this. I have an hour session roughly every 4-5 weeks and that seems to be keeping them at bay. I cannot thank Jan enough for her help and professionalism and would not hesitate in recommending her and ReKlein Reflexology to anyone.
Carmella - Chiswell Green
I tried reflexology because I'd heard it was a great alternative therapy instead of taking HRT. I was in search of a better solution to the remedies available in pharmacies which I had tried, but didn't seem to work. I've also suffered for numerous years with a shoulder injury which would flare up, however since having treatments by Jan I'm thrilled to say my symptoms have decreased significantly AND I've discovered numerous other physical and emotional benefits as well. Reflexology has become an important part of my life and something that I look forward to as it also helps me to rebalance and relax.
Sue - St Albans
I have suffered most of my life with IBS and digestive issues which dictate what I can and cannot do. I'm also constantly on the go and sometimes feel I have to be an actress performing through what is 'my life'. All be it a wonderful life the everyday stresses can get too much. I have been having regular Reflexology sessions with Jan, at first weekly, now every other and can honestly say I feel so much calmer and more together. The continuing effects of the reflexology have been a god send. My stomach issues are under control and in short everything seems to be working better! Please be assured any worries or concerns you may have will be listened to by Jan in a professional way and she will ensure you have a wonderful experience, you’ll feel you have known her for years!
Joanne - St Albans
After many years of suffering from headaches/migraines they began to get more frequent and less manageable. I decided to be proactive in seeking alternatives to popping pills. Reflexology was suggested and I decided to give it a go. My issues and types of headaches were discussed in the first session and I initially started to see Jan on a weekly basis. After a few sessions I saw a change in symptoms and frequency of my headaches. I now see Jan once a month and I have less, and more manageable headaches with a reduced need for tablets. For me, this has been a very positive experience. Jan has also addressed other issues, as and when they arise, with success. I have chosen to continue to see Jan over the last year and thoroughly enjoy the relaxing sessions. I would recommend anyone to try ReKlein Reflexology, Jan is very helpful in offering advice to support her treatment sessions as well as researching new conditions in order to move forward in a tailor made treatment plan.
Claire - Chiswell Green
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