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Reklein Reflexology St Albans
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Reklein Reflexology St Albans
Reklein Reflexology St Albans
Welcome to ReKlein Reflexology 


My name is Jan Kleiner-Mann. I am a Level 5 Centralia Mastership Reflexologist and a full member of the Association of Reflexologists.

At quite a young age I witnessed the very positive results that Reflexology had on a close member of my family. This resulted in a deep interest in the effects of this holistic, complementary therapy. I decided to train as a Reflexologist after having my three children and left my role in Primary Education to train with Alex Clark of Temple Academy of Reflexology. In 2016 I opened my clinic, which I run from home in St Albans.


My method of Reflexology focuses on relaxation and restoring a state of balance within the body systems. Primarily using the technique of thumbwalking, pressure is applied in a structured and accurate way to reflex points on the foot. All reflexes are worked over during a treatment, however some are focused on more, using specific techniques, depending on the individual needs of a client.

As well as working in my clinic I run the Watford training centre in association with Temple Academy of Reflexology, an Association of Reflexologists Gateway School. Since 2019 I have been delivering both Level 3 and Level 5 Practitioner qualifications. Temple Academy of Reflexology are proud to announce that they have become an Integrated Reflexology Consortium affiliated training centre and will, from September 2024, exclusively be delivering the updated Level 5 Diploma in Practitioner Reflexology, regulated by Agored Cymru and endorsed by the Association of Reflexologists.

Continual Professional Development:

  • Reflexology for Pregnancy Workshop - Barefoot Bliss - 2016

  • Diploma in Indian Head Massage - London School of Reflexology - 2017 

  • Finger Free Reflexology - Jubilee College - 2017

  • Reflexology Masterclass of the Nervous System - Barefoot Bliss - 2017

  • Reflexology for Women's Health - Hagar Basis, Reflexology Academy - 2018

  • Advanced Foot Reading / Coaching Through the Feet - Sam Belyea, The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute - 2018

  • Touchpoint Webinars

    • Gut and Immunity - 2021

    • The Liver - Detox and More - 2021

    • The Fascinating Diaphragm - 2021

    • The Many Joints of the Shoulder - 2021

    • Shortcuts for Occipital Headaches - 2021

    • Facet Joint Syndrome - 2022

    • The Jaw - Set it Free - 2022

    • To the Point - The Many Diaphragms - 2023

    • Universe of the Stomach - 2024

  • Emmett Footcare for Reflexologists - Jane Sheehan, Foot Reading - 2024

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